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 Re: Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 03/10/09 01:55 am
Just checking in to see if this is still an open issue. :-)...

 Re: Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 01/21/09 09:46 pm
@Doc P: Excellent idea! :-)...

 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 01/14/09 01:36 pm
Thanks, Tristan. I was just about to post that I had the update and logout problem again. This time, though, I didn't have any problem using Firefox -- just with IE7. Anyway, no problems now with IE7....

 Re: Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 12/31/08 09:36 pm

Providing the relevant info on a project isa good idea. If you're able to do so and can include those projects at GR, that's great. If not, I think everybody would understand. Thanks for your consideration. And, Happy New Year! :-)


 Re: Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 12/29/08 03:46 pm
I agree with you on all counts and can understand the concern. The decision to contribute computer time to the effort is up to the volunteer and GR is not needed to run the project. If it's inappropriatefor GR to facilitate a volunteer's participation in a commercial venture by making it easier for them to manage, and collecting/posting stats, I would understand if a decision was made not to do so.But, as far as I'm concerned,that's entirely up to the folks who manage GR. :-)...

 Re: Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 12/27/08 03:40 am
Is the concern whether or not it's okay (politically, ethically, legally, or otherwise) for a non-profit like Grid Republic to publish the statistics of those whoparticipate in the projects of for-profits like AI or AQUA?...

 Artifiicial Intelligence and AQUA@home  GR Café 12/17/08 02:19 pm

Would it be possible to add these projects at GR? I asked about AI once in an email to GR support and Matt replied that it might be a problem since AI is not a non-profit (and AQUA may be similar). Can you address this here in the forum to give a definitive answer for all who might be interested?




 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 12/17/08 01:28 pm

My logout and refresh issues seem to be resolved now. I've logged out/in and manually refreshed on multiple hosts with no problems. Thanks Matt and Tristan!


 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 12/16/08 07:17 pm
The refresh button isn't working for me on the same host that I used to be having logout problems with. If I log out and then back in, the stats are updated. I'm running Windows XP Pro and IE7. I will check on my Vista host as soon as I can....

 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 12/16/08 01:57 pm

Sorry...I meant to add that I'm not sure about the "refresh" issue. I will check this over the next day or two.

I don't mean to hijack the thread here, but I like that you've lengthened the session timeout - I found it a little annoying to have to log back in all the time to check my stats. Maybe I misunderstand something, but is there any way to provide a "keep me logged in" option? I realize this might have security implications, but thought I'd ask.

Thanks for being active in the forum, Matt! :-)


 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 12/16/08 01:52 pm

My inability to logoutseems to be resolved as well. I logged into my account from a PC that I had never used to check GR and then logged out. Since then I don't seem to be having any problems logging out from whatever PC I use.


 Re: GridRepublic not showing updated stats?  Help 12/14/08 02:56 am

The lack of credit update has been happening to me, too, for the last week or so. The refresh button does not update my totals - which I know are increasing based onproject andcombined stat sites.

Also, I am unable to logout. Whenever I click the link to "LOG OUT", I get returned to the home page. This happens from every page I've tried at the GR site.


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