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Latest posts of: David Saari
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 Programming Sources Question??  GR CafĂ© 03/22/14 12:19 am
I was trying to figure out if you use paralell iterating techniques for teaching students in computers. I am learning about computer programming at home and I thought that I could be a paralell backend source for your volunteering offers. It's not a problem to me if you are doing that, I was just wondering how you can unify so many computers into a grid???...

 Home PC conflicts  Help 03/13/14 08:33 am
I notice that some programs have problems working on my personal home computer, so I've deleted some programs for more helpful assistance in other programs, thanks...

 Re: I want to join a team  Help 03/12/14 12:23 am
My name is David Saari and I am diagnosed with Schizo-affective disorder. I would like to contribute my extra PC down time for the betterment of humanity. I believe in solving these life long problems and sufferings, but I am by no means a professional computer user....

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