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GPUGrid not listed as available project

GPUGrid not listed as available project

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What needs to be done to add the project?
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Hi Darin,

I know that GridRepublic is working to add new project support.  I do not know when the new projects will be added yet.  I'll look into this.

To help us be able to add projects sooner we could use help creating descriptions about the projects in the Community >> Projects section.  It is on the list of projects to add if you check out the projects page.

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As far as I know, GPUGrid is indeed listed here at GR, under its original name, PS3Grid. At least it works with my stats.
ID: 15261
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ricman I believe you are be correct that PS3Grid functions as a GPUGrid attachment and statistics display link.  I have not joined that specific project yet as I do not have a compatible GPU.  

We are working on a back end transition to Drupal that will help ease and speedup management.  Projects will be corrected and added after the transition and the projects descriptions are written in the Community >> Projects section as referred to above.

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