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Team Creation/Management (Competition breeds effort)

Team Creation/Management (Competition breeds effort)

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Can we use GR to make BOINC teams? How about sub-teams?

I'd love to be on my old school's team - and compete against other classes of the same school.

Does this exist? We could use the FaceBook angle to breed participation through competition. Give people somehting REAL to do instead of FB Mafia and Farming. Any thoughts?

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Sorry to take so long to get back to your post... moving, travel, and grad school prep delayed my response. 

GridRepublic would like to incorporate teams into its design and the ideas already was on the wish list for development.  GridRepublic is limited in funds and development resources and in regards to a timeline for implementation I do not know when this feature/function may show up.   

I do agree that these are essential as to part of an incentive for participation.  I think there is real opportunity there for creating productive use of users on the web.

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