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Looks like NOBODY cares.

Looks like NOBODY cares.

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The list of projects here is WAAAY outdated.

It not been fixed for an year!

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Resources at GridRepublic are very limited and most resources have been focused on other areas of need like funding and partner development.  Most work is done by volunteers right now and is a side project while working another job full time.  The Drupal conversion has gone through many setbacks... though beta testing should start in the next week. Smiley  The new site will allow for easier more timely updates.
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might not be updated but this program seems to give the boinc that I had after the last updated item they did left me with projects that weren't going any wheres. even got letter from my seti team they haven't heard from me in two months. during this time I was in hospital and didn't know what was going on in regards from the boinc new program manager. it messed my help up. with the grid I feel like I'm back  in control. Many Thanks for this way to help.
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Resources are extremely limited here but we try our best
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I appreciate the efforts and know that the resources are limited. Thanks for your at least keeping up a community.
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