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 Re: I want to join a team  Help 01/14/14 01:53 pm
The credits are only a measure of the amount of research your computer has contributed to the project(s) you selected. They have no value nor used in any other way....

 Re: How do I add a computer to GridRepublic?  Help 01/14/14 02:54 am
Great! Glad everything is working for you....

 Re: GridRepublic Setup.exe is not a valid 32 bit application  Help 01/14/14 02:38 am

We had a period of high packet loss among other server warnings on Jan 7 that may have caused download issues and possibly invalid files.

Thanks for suggesting the generic BOINC client as it is compatible and has better support for newer systems.  We have a version 7 client in the works, but it hasn't been compiled and deployed for windows yet.

Sorry for the delayed reply and the troubles.


 Re: I want to join a team  Help 01/14/14 02:30 am
You can tell if your program is working if you see points showing on your GridRepublic homepage after logging out and logging back in (or hitting the refresh button at the bottom of the homepage). Additionally you should see points starting to appear in the program's display. If not and you have given it a few days you might try reinstalling....

 Re: How do I add a computer to GridRepublic?  Help 01/14/14 02:15 am
The computer should show up after you link to GridRepublic, but you can try signing out of GridRepublic and signing back in. This forces a refresh of the stats and account information. I'll also alert our dev to look into this if we hear back it still hasn't appeared. Please post back with this info....

 Re: Computers list is way out of date  Help 01/13/14 03:16 pm

Hi VisionsLive,

Have you signed out of the website and back in? This forces a refresh of the stats for your account.

Meanwhile I'll pass on the issue of your computer not showing to our dev.

What kind of computer is the one that has the tasks with a deadline of 27 Nov 2013? Is it a laptop? Some projects let tasks continue after their deadline if progress is being made. Are you seeing any progress on these tasks? If not use the manual abort method under the advanced view and see if new work is assigned.


 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 01/13/14 03:14 pm

Sorry for the delayed response, we are looking into this "bad email" issue.

There is a ticket for our developer to look into this issue. Could you post what version of the program you are using? Open the program and under the help menu item > about

If you can post the times you see this it would help us compare to the performance alerts we are recieving as we have moments of high load.


 Re: Switched from Direct connect to WIreless; "Can't connect" error  Help 01/13/14 03:08 pm
Switching to wireless connection on your computer would not cause any changes in the client's performance or activity. If there is a display no connection a restart of the program and/or computer resolves this typically. This is very hard to diagnose and an ongoing issue under investigation. If this occurs frequently please email us via ourcontact us formthe computer operating system type (windows, mac, linux) and what version of the program is installed. You can always try a reinstall of the latest version of the program to see if that resolves the issue using the add computer from the homepage....

 Re: computer not showing up in website  Help 01/13/14 03:03 pm
It takes a few days for the comptuer to appear. Does your computer appear now?...

 Re: Cannot Add World Community Grid  Help 10/17/13 02:10 pm

Yes, that would do it. Glad you figured out what was blocking the action.

Glad to have you with GridRepublic.


 Re: Gridreublic email address on my main account When I started with the facebook app PTP?  Help 10/17/13 04:56 am

Thanks for working with us via email.

For future cases of wanting to know your login info for PTP and the ability to change the generated PTP email to your own email you can view your credentials via:


 Re: Cannot Add World Community Grid  Help 10/17/13 04:51 am

Hi Stephen,

I can help you with this. Attaching to World Community Grid via GridRepublic is a bit tricky. You have to link your account with the "member name" that you use on World Community Grid instead of your email. I just tested this with my WCG account by detaching then joining WCG from GridRepublic.

If you have further issues contact me via thecontact us form.



 Re: "BOINC IS NOT RUNNING"  Help 10/17/13 04:43 am

Sorry for the delay.

First knowing what operating system will help in further tailoring of commands. Does your computer use mac, windows 7, windows 8, etc? If so, which is it.

Second which BOINC install did you use? Did you instatll from (branded BOINC) or from the website (generic BOINC)?

If generic you will need to attach to as your account manager in the advanced view > tools >attach to ...

If you installed the GridRepublic branded version then you should automatically be attached.

To add projects you need to sign into then visit the projects tab. There you can scroll through projects and their descriptions then when you find the project(s) you like select the "join" button. This will attach your computers which are linked to GridRepublic.

If you have further questions post back here or contact us via ourcontact usform and reference this thread.


 Re: I want to join a team  Help 10/17/13 04:27 am
It is not a near term update priority (as much as I'd like it to be) thus I cannot speculate on the timeframe for implementation. Donations do help accelearate development as we can add time to programming needs. Donate via

 Re: Maximum Performance  Help 08/30/13 06:21 pm

Hi Carl,

What you can do to get the most out of your current system is to move the cpu % used to 100%. If you are running the current GridRepublic or current PTP install you will only be using your CPU. We are getting close to release a version for GridRepublic which can take advantage of your GPU as well. If you run the BOINC client and did not do a protected install your GPU should be taken advantage if you joined projects that have GPU apps such as Einstein@home and a few others.

The instructions to find the preferences are oulined in our FAQ:


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