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 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 12/02/08 06:15 pm
Removing the app and re adding it again was easy enough and uneventful....

 Re: How can I disable the automatic screen saver start for all applications ?  Help 11/15/08 11:17 pm

Are you running Windows?

Can you right click on Desktop -> Properties -> Screen Saver and then choose (None)?


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/13/08 03:32 am
Adding an app to the wall was a major complaint with many when we got hit with new.facebook, so I guess we got used to it pretty fast....

 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/11/08 12:51 am

WidgetSettings work as explained, but my default was set to All Projects.

Idon't thinkI changed the settingat some point in the past, but I wishI was 100% sure.

Maybe somebody that's sure they didn't change settings cancheck to see what theirdefault is.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/09/08 08:23 pm
I went back down to 1 project no Nov 5 but the FB app still shows all 3 projects I was attached to....

 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/06/08 06:01 pm

The "dashboard" page in FB seems properly integrated with GR pages.

Links work as expected.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/05/08 09:37 pm

A project I added about 40 hours ago appeared on the facebook app just a few hours ago as I was refreshing the page. The info looks accurate.

I'll go back to 1 project and see what happens.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 10/29/08 08:30 pm

Blah! I jumped the gun.

So if nobody else here is in a position to test from scratch, I can sign up again with a different e-mail and give it another try if needed.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 10/29/08 03:33 am

Since i used an a different e-mail address for this test, I can "start from scratch"

I've selected Enigma@home from this site and after thegridrepublic client finishes downloading, I'll start crunching under this new account.

When I see a Facebook news feed regarding the GR app, I'll try to add it from there and see what happens.


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