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 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 11/10/08 08:55 pm

One feature I have noticed is missing that I am not sure if you are planning on adding is a way for persons coming from facebook to return to facebook when they are making changes on the GridRepublic site. Not having a way back easilly might have people use the application less.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 10/31/08 04:12 pm

Matt the OS is Windows XP Home, and Firefox 3.0.3 for the browser.

The method of entry to the community section did not matter. I repeated by the community button, clicking on the I icon in the total row of the edit screen from the widget.

I have found that if I log into the grid republic site separately and then come in through the widget that the bug does not show and things work as they should.


 Re: Facebook Testing  Development 10/29/08 11:52 pm

Maybe found a bug?? I have created my account via the join as asked. I have also added the widget part of the app to my front page of my facebook. Through this I click edit and went in to community to post this error that shows up when I get to the community section.

Here it is(Notice: Undefined index: userid in /var/www/vhost/ on line 362) On the page it is showing as though I am logged in, but I tried to post this error and It would prompt me to log in while displaying on the screen welcome, Jon Tester. I have repeated this a few times now and it continues to occur.

So I leave this to be figured out.

Edit: to leave this I logged in from the GridRepublic site manually typed in.


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