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Missing option to detach one of the projects - Rosetta@home sefver keeps sending requests every hour

Missing option to detach one of the projects - Rosetta@home sefver keeps sending requests every hour

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Hello Grid computing experts !

I use BOINC version 6.4.5. Before I connected my jobs to GridRepublic it was possible to detach a project what I would or could not calculate for some time.

Under GridRepublic this option is blanked out.

I would like to have this option  because I want the Rosetta project to stop the regularly 1 hour request messages like that:

18.02.2009 22:39:01|rosetta@home|Sending scheduler request: Requested by account manager.  Requesting 0 seconds of work, reporting 0 completed tasks
18.02.2009 22:39:07|rosetta@home|Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks

 Rosetta keeps on sending these sucking messages even if I set the rosetta project to ; no more tasks; halted by user. Up to now nobody could tell my how to stop that.

So please re-establish the option to detach from the project. If I erase it completelys I fear that I loose my ponts if I resume the calculations for Rosetta later again.

Thanks for Help


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I am not quite sure what you are stating here regarding the request for work, but I can answer about the points.  The points are not associated with your computer, but is associated with your email which you signed up with.  So by detaching you will not lose your points if you reattach at a later point.

Secondly regarding the detachment this I believe is due to your client being attached to an account manager such as GridRepublic.  If you would like to detach you must do so in the account manager.  Currently this would do so across all your computers running on that account, but with future release GridRepublic plans for individual computer control.

Lastly regarding messages requests for more work from rosetta rending and receiveing 0.  I assume since you are using version 6.4.5 that you downloaded it from the Berkeley site and attached GridRepublic as an account manager.  If this is true I cannot think of a way that GridRepublic could be causing this.  I have GridRepublic on the version 6.4.5 client on windows xp and have tried to reproduce what you have stated and do not see this happening on either of my clients.

 Good luck and I hope this helps.

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