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 Re: boinc v.6.6.38 and gridrepublic  Development 10/18/09 10:00 pm

Boinc just has a connection with gridrepublic for a few secs and loses it tries to reconnect and loses it again..also if I try to sync to GR it won't work ... everything freezes more or less up, including no communication with projects, no work done. I tried leaving it on for a night... still the same... uninstall and reinstall, repairing; I even went to registry and remove all traces of boinc before reinstalling but still no luck.

well maybe I'll wait for a new version of boinc and retry then... :-)


New version of boinc (6.6.41) now installed and it works like a charm :-)


 Where can I change url:s for a project  Development 10/18/09 07:36 am

here's anoher minor problem :-)

copied few lines from boinc log:

18/10/2009 09:37:24|chess960@home alpha|You used the wrong URL for this project
18/10/2009 09:37:24|chess960@home alpha|The correct URL is
18/10/2009 09:37:24|chess960@home alpha|Using the wrong URL can cause problems in some cases.
18/10/2009 09:37:24|chess960@home alpha|When convenient, detach this project, then reattach to

as far as I understand the change should be done here at projects page and then downloaded to all computers..but how...I haven't had time to work it all out (2 young kids takecare of all extra time I have and that's 1 of the reasons why I started using 1st place :-))

so thanx in advance for all help :-)



 boinc v.6.6.38 and gridrepublic  Development 10/18/09 07:24 am

well I have tried this out both with windows XP and Vista and after a short while (a day max), boinc and gridrep doesn't communicate anymore at all. so I´ve gone back to gridrepublic's own desktop version that works fine ....but it would be nice to get the newer boinc versions to work because some projects use only boincs v 6+ :-)



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