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 Re: ACCOUNT MANAGER NOT RUNNING  Help 06/17/22 06:09 pm

Thank you for posting your solution, Kris!

The HTTPS certificate had failed to auto renew due to a package / configuration issue with certbot on the server. This has been fixed, so HTTPS should work again.

That being said, there have been problems in the BOINC community with clients being unable to connect to project servers that use Let's Encrypt certificates because of a bug in the version of OpenSSL that was used in many client software releases. If that is the case with GridRepublic, a different certificate will have to be used (or install the latest BOINC client, as that included a workaround for this particular issue).


 Re: Can´t add Einstein to my projects  Help 08/28/17 06:33 pm
Einstein should be working again now....

 Re: Cannot Add World Community Grid  Help 08/24/17 09:12 pm
A number of changes were made to the attachment process for WCG, it should be working again now....

 Re: LHC@Home bad Project-URL  Help 08/24/17 08:41 pm
This should be fixed now -- thanks for the bumps....

 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 10/07/14 02:45 am

Thanks for trying that, Colin. I see there's actually an error in the error message, too (oops). Could you try to sync again and see what the message says? We may be able to work around this without needing a new client build even if the XML is malformed.


 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 10/05/14 04:15 am

Thanks for the detailed report, Colin. Sure enough, your client is sending bad XML. The "home" venue in your general preferences has no closing </venue> tag, so the whole thing can't be parsed.

There are a number of other users who seem to have the same problem. Would you be interested in upgrading your client to see if this is fixed in a more recent build? I can raise a bug report about the problem, but the most recent version for Windows 64-bit at this point is 7.4.22, so the developers would want to see that it affects that version.


 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 10/03/14 07:28 pm

This is a tough issue to fix because your BOINC client is very likely giving broken XML to GridRepublic. Because the data being sent cannot be parsed properly, your account email address cannot be determined.

I've updated the code so that you should see a new error if this is the case. Then the trick will be how to fix that XML so that your client works properly...


 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 04/25/14 08:25 pm

Another thing that might work without reinstalling is to detach from GridRepublic and then reattach using a different URL.

For example, instead of using:


 Re: Client says bad email address  Help 04/25/14 08:18 pm

The cause of this "bad email address" problem isn't known, but it seems to be an issue somewhere within the BOINC client software.

The solution in the past has been to completely uninstall the BOINC client from your computer and install it again. Unfortunately, this includes deleting (or renaming) the BOINC data directory from your computer, which includes any work in progress and any local BOINC settings. When you reinstall BOINC, it will be as though you are installing on a new computer.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, the process is:

  1. Uninstall BOINC
  2. Delete (or rename) the BOINC directory in c:\ProgramData
  3. Reinstall BOINC
  4. Attach to GridRepublic again using your email and password

Be sure to back up that BOINC data directory if you're concerned with losing any work in progress, that way you can put it back later, if needed.


 Re: Computers list is way out of date  Help 04/25/14 07:00 pm

VisionsLive -- Forcing a sync (which is what happens on login) seems to have refreshed your list.

Michael -- If you click on the "DISCUSSIONS" tab up at the top you should see the main Help forum, with a list of topics. "Create Topic" should be a button at the bottom of that list. But in any case, you may want to try logging out of the website and back in, as that should refresh your project and computer lists.


 Re: Docking@home Points  GR CafĂ© 03/01/13 03:11 pm

Docking@home has a little error in their data output, so we're unable to get point totals into GridRepublic. We'll see if they can't fix that and get these numbers working again.

Thanks for reporting this.


 Re: Upgraded Server Not Showing Up  Help 07/03/12 02:52 am
No problem, thank you for joining.

 Re: Upgraded Server Not Showing Up  Help 07/02/12 03:15 pm

Maybe this is a case of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle at work, but I checked your records and they have changed to show the new i7. You were looking at the Specs tab on the Computers page?

Something like this will usually be fixed with the "Refresh" button. If you're on your account home page, just select the Computers tab underneath the chart and you will see it. That synchronizes GridRepublic data with what is at the project servers, which is probably all that was needed.


 Re: My grid republic account doesn't show the statistics.  Help 12/21/11 03:17 am

Well, I wish I could take credit for it, but that doesn't seem to be the case!

Merry Christmas.


 Re: My grid republic account doesn't show the statistics.  Help 12/20/11 05:45 pm
That join date thing was pretty funny. Should be better now....

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