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 Re: MeetUps  Advocacy 04/11/09 04:35 pm

Our next BOINC Meetup will be held 4pm, Saturday April 25th in Rockcreek Park in Washington DC. I am organizing it with my friends and collegues in the area. Some of whom have a professional interest in developing BOINC & Bossa projects. We plan to have a grill and cook up burgers and hotdogs. I imagine it will be a casual affair and some people will just show up for the free food. We can't reserve picnick grounds until May. It will be first come first serve. I'll get down there early and stake out a place in the Pierce Mill picnick ground.


 Re: MeetUps  Advocacy 02/21/09 05:43 pm


I'm going to have a meetup tonight with 4 people. I'll bring some of the materials from the last conference including your slide show.


 Re: MeetUps  Advocacy 11/18/08 07:25 pm

Those are some good ideas. I don't know who we can have as a speaker. I want to wait for a more formal meeting until we have a group of at least 5 regulars. Its certainly possible for me to hold meetings in a conference room at NAS after work.

PS Is it possible to create a prview feature in these discussions. I wanted to see how the last post would render. Otherwise can we go back and edit posts?

Oh now we have the edit featur!


 Re: MeetUps  Advocacy 11/17/08 07:01 pm

Last time we advertised it several ways, directly emailing people, posting it on RSS feeds. It may have been the time of the year that was bad. Here is our next event.


Dinner @ McGinty's in Silver Spring


 Re: MeetUps  Advocacy 11/14/08 04:05 pm
Yes I started a meetup group. Washington DC BOINC. We had two meetings. There was very little interest. I may try another one soon....

 Advocacy-Writing to media outlets  Advocacy 10/26/08 10:56 pm
Very well thought out subjects. Maybe add writing to magazines, newspapers and broadcast media. ...

 Re: Where have you found GridRepublic?  GR Café 10/26/08 10:51 pm
Through BOINC...

 Re: Welcome to the GR Cafe  GR Café 10/26/08 10:51 pm

Sweet design!

Good Job Matt!


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