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 Cant Edit My Computers or Projects  Help 05/14/10 07:51 pm

The projects and Computers tabs aren't accessible, and I can't edit under my Computers etither.

(I am not entirely sure if I am running grid republic locally - it failed on install, after I put on the latest BOINC.......but it does let me "Synchronize with Grid Republic under Tools, and says it was successful...)

OK - updated:

I saw I couldn't log out of the GR website, either.

So logged on using IE, instead of Firefox and presto - problem solved.

Now I can get ot the computer, projects tabs, and the logout option has reappeared too.

Seems to tbe FFox issue - I am on version 3.6.3 BTW


 Re: Advocacy on Facebook  Advocacy 12/15/08 04:01 pm
I'll definitely sign up for testing. Like the features you describe - particulaly the newsfeed on credit milestones. Not surprised that Status updates aren't accessible to aps. Expect that you can encourage that with the newsfeed messages....

 Re: Advocacy on Facebook  Advocacy 12/15/08 03:16 pm

Facebook ap. should automatically update your status with "I am curing cancer" or "I am stopping global warming" (if they ever get that retarded simulation working). Or I spent 1,000 hours curing cancer wile I was a sleep.

If you can do this it should have:

- Default messages that feed off of your GR status (I am curing cancer)

- Customizable messages (I am curing cancer while I watch movies)

- Customizable update period (don't update the status every day or people will turn it off)

- A link (You can too just click here.)



 Auto-install tool  Advocacy 11/15/08 01:31 pm

How about a small ap that can be loaded on a thumb drive - one click and it installs GR on a computer and sets the projects.

I was just working in a campaign office for a couple of weeks with 3 computers and it would have beenneat to just plug in a thumb drive, hit one key and have three more computers running GR, without having to log on, select preferences, log in to my account, add computer etc etc

Then this same tool could be sent in am email - don't have everyone set up thier own account, but enrol them into your own / one big account and leave the decision making to those that can be bothered with such stuff. The defaluts would be very low-key, not interrupting computing at all, but giving the user the option to get involved themselves.

Then with some experience of this tool it would be an easier argumenr for default installation by computer manufacturers


 Re: Advocacy on Facebook  Advocacy 11/15/08 03:55 am
There are 53 groups with the name BOINC on facebook, one for gridrepublic ,and about a dozen for volunteer computing..........

 Re: Advocacy on Facebook  Advocacy 11/15/08 03:39 am
Create a group. I've been on FB for all of a week but I think it's pretty easy to start a group and invite people to it....

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