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I don't know if I like this

I don't know if I like this

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I was reading about one of the projects I participate in through the stock Boinc account manager, specifically   Then though the Ibercives homepage, I discovered the gridrepublic account manager download. As one who is almost always to willing to test whether or not a new program will demolish my computer or not, clicking the button, "are you sure you wish to proceed with this download that may totally hose your computer?" I proceeded with the  gridrepublic download through the project for Spanish scientific research. After the download, the projects available for using with gridrepublic did not even include as an option. So that, to my simple mind, seems just plain weird. Another one of my favorite stock Boinc project mangager projects, although you have to know where the software is (it is not automatically selectable throughn the Boinc manager) in order to attach it to your stock Boinc application managment program is - - Can not attach to it through gridrepublic either. So, PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME! Why is gridrepublic distributed computing account management software a good thing? Thanks -Padma
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You posted this same message to another thread; reply is offerred there.  i will also copy below.  to avoid duplicate discussion of the same subject, though, i will close this thread.


the project at was formerly called Zivis, which we do list.  Apologies, we update our project listings only every few months, and so this is currently out of date.  intelligence realm we ommitted because it is for-profit.  there is some discussion of this issue in another thread, here.  so as it happens, you have stumbled upon two special cases.  

i think in the overwhelming majority of cases, gridrepublic serves a useful role in helping to find, understand, join and manage projects from within a simple, central user interface.  and we also seek to build a friendly community. 

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