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Personal STATS

Personal STATS

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Hi, Dear fellow contributor to science! 

In order to reach the Gridrepublic goal to make all with a computer join, then you'll have to make it more interesting and somewhat competitive!

A way to do this might be to compare your personal contributions with others. There are a lot of applications out there (for BOINC) rating your personal stats and placeing them on a position-list. It schould be able to do in this app as well, or ...?

To make it even more interesting you could make some "Certificates" for some G-hour goals. Like SETI - only you can do it better!

Tell me what you think, thanx :-)

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thanks.  this is a great idea, and something we're working on.  but it will take a few months to do it right...  stay tuned...
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i would also really like this idea
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I totally agree with the previous posts... It seems that something was in orks in 2009... any update on a roll out date... I use stats with Folding@home and it is fun to watch where you rank.  I have been thinking of updating my computers just to get higher on the leaderboards...  So competitive stats.... anytime soon...
ID: 21503
Posts: 326

The good news and the bad news is that we got a little sidetracked into the area of social media, launching Progress Thru Processors on Facebook.  And this has taken up a lot of our development bandwidth.  As has Charity Engine.  

At GR, the next significant development milestone is a long-in-the-works update of the site infrastructure -- we're converting everything to Drupal.  (*Yes, this has been the aspiration for a silly long time: but should be soon: seriously this time.)  This improved instrstructure will make lots of stuff easier to impliment.  But even after that -- misc competitive points schemes are going to take a bit, given our resources.  (*Anyone want to find a grant for this purpse?)

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