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LHC@home wrong URL

LHC@home wrong URL

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Hi there,

 I'm noticing the same "wrong URL" message in the Progress through Proccesors desktop app. 

This is what it typically gives after I removed and added the LHC@home project again:

vr 13 jan 17:28:45 2012   LHC@home 1.0   update requested by user

vr 13 jan 17:28:46 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Sending scheduler request: Requested by user.

vr 13 jan 17:28:46 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Requesting new tasks

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Scheduler request completed: got 0 new tasks

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   You used the wrong URL for this project

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   The correct URL is

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Using the wrong URL can cause problems in some cases.

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   When convenient, detach this project, then reattach to

vr 13 jan 17:28:51 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Message from server: (Project has no jobs available)

vr 13 jan 17:28:52 2012   LHC@home 1.0   Resetting project

In fact, I never got to make LHC perform any work, while all other projects work fine.

Could the answer be in any way in the following: I noticed when I tried to add the LHC project through the desktop application that some projects are greyed out and when I try to add those projects, it won't let me; it even once gave the message that my computer was not suitable for such project?

ID: 15261
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Hello Nellie Crepuscule,

There is a known issue on the LHC@home project URL and project not working when added.  It should be addressed in the coming months when the long rumored website overhaul comes through... we are so close!

The graying out has to do with certain projects only having developed their program for certain operating systems.  Not all projects support all operating systems.

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I too have the problem with LHC but also same problem with SIMAP project as well.  I've had these problems for a year or so but have followed the "we'll be updating" line of answers so have not posted until now.

 Is there a real projection of when the rebuild will occur or not?

 Larry Vaughn


 LHC@home 1.0 | You used the wrong URL for this project. When convenient, remove this project, then add

boincsimap | You used the wrong URL for this project. When convenient, remove this project, then add


ID: 21503
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The good news and the bad news is that we've got a number of projects ongoing, all managed with limited resources -- Progress Thru ProcessorsCharity EngineSXSW Action primary among these (though one other exciting project is in the works).  So this major GR overhaul, and some little things that we've bundled with that, have been serially postponed.  Apolgies for that, but hope you're as excited about these other areas of growth as we are.  

Bottom line is that the answer -- really, truly -- is "soon".   Thanks for your patience.

ID: 53438
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Hi, Matt

 Any updates on the LHC@Home ? 

ID: 15261
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Hi Elijah Tevet,

We are still hard at work on the Drupal development for Charity Engine and working to port the GridRepublic content to the new framework shared by both sites. 

ID: 76442
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Is there no way to change the properties (under commands on the left, there is a button for properties but none of them are editable), then we could just edit the URL et voila... or is it not that simple?
ID: 15261
Posts: 141

No, unfortunatly it is not as simiple as changing the url in the software.  We need to be able to mediate communications with the new servers and generate a key for security so we can enable preference controls from the GridRepublic website.  With the current framework this is not simple to update.  The new setup would make this much easier to change and add projects.
ID: 124727
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Any update on this matter ? still getting this wrong URL thing...
ID: 21503
Posts: 326

Sorry, no progress on this; apologies for the slow pace of work.
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